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  • Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

  • Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

  • Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

  • Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

  • Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

Anti Climb Mesh Security Fence

Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence Description

Anti Climb Mesh Security Fence, also known as high security fence, 358 fence, 358 mesh fence, anti-cutting fence or clear vu fence. The most special specification of Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence is the mesh size-76.2mm*12.7mm. Of course, here is also the anti-climbing and anti-cutting function of Anti Climb Security Fence. Usually the weight of Anti Climb Security Fence is three or four times that of other types of fence nets, because dense metal wires require more material than other types. It is not enough to produce a good quality Anti Climb Security Fence using a good welding machine. A skilled welding worker is also needed. It is very important to control the speed of the machine and correct the direction of the wires. If the production speed is too fast, the wire will overheat and the position of the wire will need to be corrected manually.

Parameters of Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

Height 1200mm / 1400mm / 1600mm / 1800mm / 2000mm / 2200mm
Width 1500mm / 2000mm / 2500mm
Wire Thickness 3.0mm/4.0mm, 3.5mm/4.0mm, 4.0mm/4.0mm
Mesh Size 76.2mm*12.7mm / 75.0mm*12.5mm / 100mm*15mm
Post Square Post (40mm*60mm / 60mm*60mm / 60mm*80mm)
Clamp Metal Clamp / Flat Bar Covered
Rain Cap Metal Cap / Anti-UV Plastic Cap
Surface Hot Dipped Galvanized (505g/m²) / Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

Main Functions of Anti Climb Security Fence Anti Climb and Anti Cut

Because the 358 mesh fence has dense meshes, it is not easy to climb and cut, which plays a very good protective role.

Anti-climb: The opening holes are so small that even fingers cannot penetrate in.
Anti-cut: Bolt cutter and wire cutter cannot make itself through the narrow holes, therefore the fence won't be destroyed.

Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

Anti Climb Security Fence Powder Coating

This surface treatment is smooth and beautiful, which not only plays a protective role, but also brings good enjoyment to the senses,the color can do as the clients like.

Strong welded point: The welded joints are fixed firmly, won't split by natural human and nature force.
Smooth surface: The panel finish surface is well-proportioned for a decorative effect.

Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

Galvanized Surface Treatment

Although the price of this surface treatment is relatively high, but the warranty time is long, and it has been well received by customers.

Durable: The panel sheet is galvanized uniformly and PVC coated, which ensures a long service life.

Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

Anti Climb Security Fence Applications

It is very popular in US Market、Malaysia Market and South Africa. 358 Security Fence has good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance and easy installation.

358 Anti Climb Mesh Fence is a high secure fence, suitable places include:

Prison Sub-station
Military sites Shipping port
Detention center Warehouse
Psychiatric hospital Power plant
Airport Laboratory
Bridge Petroleum and chemical facilities guarding
Industrial and commercial property etc

Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

Anti Climb Anti Cut Fence

Anti climb high security mesh fence price

The anti climb high security fence price is determined by the following aspects: raw material price, processing cost, and freight.
If your budget is limited, and the used environment requirements for corrosion and rust protection is not too high, for example in desert areas, you can choose Galfan coating without PVC coating.
If used in high corrosion and high humidity marine environment, then you must choose Galfan coating then PVC coating fence to meet the requirements. Of course, the price is higher than just galfan anti climb fencing.
In short, we recommend that you choose the most durable option within your budget.

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