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Product Description

Materials: high quality low carbon steel wire, PVC wire. blue, green, yellow and other colours available

Core wire diameter: 1.6mm- 3.0mm

Usage: Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire offered by us is suitable for industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, dwelling house, plantation or fencing.

Weaving: twist and weaving; strong, handsome

barbed wire specification
type wire gauge(swg) barb distance barb length

Electro galvanized barbed wire

Hot dip galvanized barb wire

10#x12# 7.5-15cm 1.5-3cm
PVC coated barbed wire before coating after coating 7.5-15cm 1.5-3cm
1.0-3.5mm 1.4-4mm
BWG11#-20# BWG8#-17#
SWG11#-20# SWG8#-17#
pvc coating thickness: 0.4mm-0.6mm

Packing: in coils. Pallet or depend on the request of customer.

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The purpose of the barbed wire: used for theft prevention and protection in factories, private villas, first floors of residential buildings, construction sites, banks, prisons, banknote printing factories, military machines, bungalows, low walls and other places.


Barbed Wire

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