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  • Hesco Flood Wall

  • Hesco Flood Wall

  • Hesco Flood Wall

  • Hesco Flood Wall

  • Hesco Flood Wall

Hesco Flood Wall

Product Description

HESCO flood wall, also known as blast wall, flood wall, is a new product assembled and sewn through electrically welded gabion mesh, geotextile, it can hold fine sand, soil and stone, instead of traditional military bunker sandbags, can be recycled.

Explosion-proof cage and explosion-proof wall product features: explosion-proof cage system adopts folding packaging design, easy to transport, move, installation, prominent effect, easy to recycle. Different from the traditional stone cage basket, it can not only hold stones, but also can hold very fine sand. Filling materials are local materials, especially suitable for downstream rivers or the seaside where stone is scarce. With the help of excavators, forklifts and other tools, the installation efficiency is dozens or even hundreds of times that of traditional sandbags. It can be used as military equipment, and can be used for explosion-proof and explosive disposal of temporary fortifications, forts and station headquarters of combat troops, instead of traditional artificial trenches.

Product Name Military bunker
Product Type Welded mesh
Material Galvanized steel wire or Galfan/zinc-5%aluminum wire
Wire Diameter  4.0-5.0mm
Geotextile 250g-400g  
Geotextile colour sand clolor, Brown, Gray,and Military Green.  
Mesh hole 76.2mm× 76.2mm, 50mm× 50mm, 75mm× 75mm, 100mm×100mm 
Model Height(M) Width(M) Length(M) Number of cells
YY-1(Mil 1) 1.37 1.06 10 5+4=9 cells
YY-2(Mil 2) 0.61 0.61 1.21 2 cells
YY-3(Mil 3) 1.0 1.0 10 5+5=10 cells
YY-4(Mil 4) 1.0 1.5 10 5+5=10 cells
YY-5(Mil 5) 0.61 0.61 3.05 5 cells
YY-6(Mil 6) 1.68 0.61 3.05 5 cells
YY-7(Mil 7) 2.21 2.13 27.74 5+4+4=13 cells
YY-8(Mil 8) 1.37 1.22 10 4+5=9 cells
YY-9(Mil 9) 1.0 0.76 9.14 6+6=12 cells
YY-10(Mil 10) 2.12 1.52 30.5 5+5+5+5=20 cells

HESCO Flood Walls are produced by our company in up to 12 specifications in a variety of colors such as grey earth, khaki yellow and grass green, which can be flexibly combined to suit different scenarios or uses.

HESCO flood wall characteristics

1.Easy to operate and install

2.High strength and impact resistance

3. Long life, normal use

4.can be filled with sand, cement, stone, soil.

HESCO flood Wal-mart L app

Hesco Flood Wall    






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