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Characteristics of Defensive Barrier

Apr. 01, 2021

The defensive barrier is welded with high-quality low-carbon steel wire, superbly galvanized to prevent rust, and packed with high-quality geotextile, and finally assembled and folded. It also has the ability to resist explosive shock waves, which can limit the destructive effects of explosions within a certain range. It can be used as production military equipment to provide combat troops with anti-riot, anti-explosion temporary bunker, fortress, and pre-war headquarters to replace traditional Artificial trenches can effectively block attacks and effectively reduce the casualties of soldiers and personnel.

Characteristics of Defensive Barrier

The following advantages:

(1) Explosion-proof: The explosion-proof wall system composed of DURASTEEL durable steel has better explosion-proof performance, and has passed a variety of internationally recognized tests and certifications;

(2) The weight of the wall is light, which can greatly reduce the replacement requirements of the entire explosion-proof building, and has greater structural advantages than the traditional method (reinforced concrete 400mm-800mm); it effectively reduces the cost of civil construction;

(3) The structure is flexible and can handle the passage of pipes and cables, which can solve the requirements of traditional concrete anti-blast walls that cannot pass through pipes and open holes. The lightweight anti-blast wall is a steel structure skeleton with flexible arrangement. Stay for construction

(4) Construction shortcut: dry operation of lightweight composite board explosion-proof wall, construction shortcut, replacement, can ensure the safe realization of anti-explosion function.

Characteristics of Defensive Barrier

Characteristics of Defensive Barrier

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