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Know about 358 Anti Climb Fence

Dec. 29, 2021

358 anti climb fence is a kind of steel mesh wall with strong protection, and it is a new type of protection net. Because the mesh of this kind of net is relatively small, the prison dense-grain net can effectively prevent people or people from using tools to climb inside, thereby ensuring the safety of the internal environment of the steel mesh wall, so it is also called anti-crawling.


358 Anti Climb Fence


The commonly used aperture in prisons and mesh opening is 12.5*100mm, and the wire diameter is generally 4mm.

Material: Galvanized low carbon steel wire Process: Galvanized wire is welded into a mesh and then sprayed.

Uses: Prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, military bases and other high-security places.

Features: Good anti-corrosion, anti-aging, beautiful and generous.

Installation is simple and quick. Prison 358 dense mesh net is also known as safety net or 358 anti-climb fence 358 anti-climbing net is currently a popular guardrail type in guardrail protection. Because of its small hole, it can prevent people or tools to a large extent. Climb and protect your surroundings more safely.


358 Anti Climb Fence


Advantages of 358 anti climb fence:

1. Anti-climbing, dense grid, unable to insert fingers;

2. Anti-shearing, cutting pliers cannot be inserted into the middle of high-density wire;

3. Good perspective, convenient for inspection and lighting Required;

4. Multiple meshes can be connected, suitable for protection projects with special requirements for height.

5. It can be matched with razor barbed wire. Prison 358 anti climb fence is mainly used for important isolation measures in the military, airports, security forces, prisons, light rail, intercity trains, etc.


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