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  • Airport Fence

  • Airport Fence

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  • Airport Fence

Airport Security Fence

Airport Security Fence Description

Airport Security Fence, also known as "Y-shaped security defensive net", is composed of V-shaped bracket column steel welded plate mesh, security anti-theft connectors and high-grade hot-dip galvanized razor wire. Strength and security defense. It is widely used in high security places such as airports and military bases.

Airport Fence

Airport Security Fence Specification


  Mesh Wire Thickness Surface Treatment Panel Width Panel Height Fence Height
Big Panel 50x100mm
Gal.+PVC coated 2.50m
2000mm 2700mm
2300mm 3200mm
2600mm 3700mm
530mm 2700mm
V panel 630mm 3200mm
730mm 3700mm

 Y post 

Profile Wall Thickness Surface Treatment Length Base Plate Rainhat
60x60mm 2.0mm
Gal.+PVC coated 2700mm I+530mm V Available
On request
Plastic or Metal
3100mm I+630mm V
3600mm I+730mm V

Type of Airport Security Fence

Airport Fence

Airport Fence

Type of Airport Fence

Airport Security Fence Applications

Airports, highways, railways, and bridges, isolation and protection of parks, lawns, zoos, pools and lakes, roads, and residential areas in municipal construction, hotels, Protection and decoration of supermarkets and entertainment venues.

Airport Fence

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