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  • Fiberglass Screen

Window Screen - Fiberglass Screen

Fiberglass Screen

Window screen is woven from glass wool and coated with a protective base to ensure long-lasting aesthetics, color and toughness. Glass fiber is flame retardant, will not rust and stains, light weight and economical. There are different weaving methods.

Fiberglass Screen, also known as invisible window screen, is not "invisible" in the true sense of the word, except that the wire mesh used is finer than traditional panel screens and has a higher transmittance than traditional screens, giving the appearance of invisibility after installation. In order for the invisible screen to achieve its special effect, the material used to produce it must have a high degree of transparency and tensile strength.

Fiberglass Screen

Fiberglass is a very forgiving material that won't easily break like aluminum. Instead, when pushed in it will return to its original shape. This is ideal for areas where your pets and children frequent, like pool areas or the porch If you're building your own screen frames, buying in rolls will save you time and money. Depending on the size you choose, you may even be able to The rolls are also excellent for professional screeners who go through screen rapidly. By stocking up on these fiberglass screen rolls for your inventory, you'll be able to offer an economical screen option to your customers. We provide the following Fiberglass Screen specifications, and we are the factory to accept special orders for customized services!

Fiberglass Screen Specifications

Mesh Size Weight/m2 Material Weave type Width Length Color
18*12(17*12) 100g fiberglass+pvc coated Plain  weave 0.6m---3m 18m--300m Black, grey, white, green, dark brown, ivory, etc
18*13(17*13) 105g
18*14(17*14) 110g
18*15(17*15) 115g
18*16(17*16) 120g

Advantages of Fiberglass Screen

Fiberglass Screen has the advantages of superior weather resistance, soothing aging, cold resistance, heat resistance, dry resistance, humidity resistance, flame retardant, humidity resistance, anti-static, good light transmission, no tampering, no deformation, prevention of direct light, high tensile strength, long service life, etc. Beautiful modeling and strict structure. The whole window screen is made of glass fiber monofilament plastic coated plain weave yarn, the rest of the materials are all made of PVC plastic pressed at one time, split assembly, solving the problem of too large a gap between the traditional window screen and the window frame, the problem of poor closure, safe and beautiful to use and good sealing effect.
(1) UV-resistant, Automatic light filtering against ultraviolet radiation, to protect the health of the whole family, let you enjoy the fresh air of outdoor without the sun burn.

(2) With high tensile strength, good bending strength, dust-resistant, fire-resistant, The screen mesh is made of glass fiber yarn, which is fire retardant.

(3) Keep bugs, flies, mosquitoes away from home.

(4) Good light transmission, with the real sense of the invisible effect, you to enjoy outdoor. life.

(5) With longer service life, soothing aging, long service life, reasonable design, the number of times used 10,000.

(6 ) Easy to clean.

(7 ) Easy to cut with scissors and install.

(8 ) Green environmental protection: does not contain chlorofluoride harmful to the atmosphere, in line with ISO14001 all environmental protection certification requirements so the use of any pollution harmful to humans.

(9) Up to several certificate.

(10)Wide range of application. Directly installed in the window frame, all doors and windows can be assembled; corrosion resistance, high strength, soothing aging, good fire performance.

(11)Anti-static function, non-staining and good air permeability.

Fiberglass Screen Application

Used to prevent mosquitoes in hotels, public buildings, and civil residences.


Fiberglass Screen

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