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  • Roll Top Fencing

  • Roll Top Fencing

  • Roll Top Fencing

  • Roll Top Fencing

  • Roll Top Fencing

Roll Top Fencing

Roll Top Fencing Description

Roll Top Fencing is also called roll top welded fence, which is made of mild steel or stainless steel. Its unique roll up and down structure and multiple colors make it visually attractive. Roll Top Fencing has high rigidity and better safety, and is widely used in schools, parks, leisure playgrounds, swimming pools, sports fields, airports and company premises.

Roll Top Fence

The rolled beam profile at the top and bottom edge of each panel results in maximum rigidity.

Suitable where safety is a consideration The principle feature of the panel is the unique rolled beam section at the top and bottom edge.

The open mesh profile is also decorative and allows excellent through visibility. These safety features make Roll Top ideal for playgrounds, play areas and parks.

Roll Top Fence

Wide range of options and applications Available as a complete system in a wide range of colour options for boundary demarcation to general security.

Roll Top Fencing Installation Way

The post can be 40-50cm longer than the panels to fix the post dip under the ground. Or welding a steel plate with holes, to fix it to the ground by screws.

Roll Top Fence

Roll Top Fencing Specifications

Specification fence panel
Wire diameter 3.5-6.0mm
Mesh size 50x100mm,75x150mm,50x200mm
Height 1030mm, 1230mm, 1530mm, 1830mm, 2030mm,2430mm
Length 2000mm,2500mm
Surface treatment Powder coated, Pvc coated, Hot dipped galvanized

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